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The future, I believe, lies in reacquainting ourselves with “real wines”; seeking out and preserving the unusual, the distinctive and the avowedly individual. Capturing ‘terroir’ is the cornerstone of ‘real wine’. The continuing commercialisation of wine has necessarily created a uniformity of style, a reduction of numbers of grape varieties and a general orientation towards branding. It is the very antithesis of what I wish to achieve.

Obsessing about ‘terroir’ is not mad-eyed mumbling hocus-pocus nor misty-eyed mysticism (though the French wax so poetically about it); it concerns systematically highlighting the particular qualities of the vineyard, getting to the roots of wine itself so to speak, and analysing how flavours derive from sympathetic farming. Quite simply it is the main reason why things naturally taste differently. Ultimately, I want my wine to taste of the place it came from.

As an Italian winegrower once put it:

We seek to express exactly what the grapes give us, be it power or structure, or finesse and elegance, rather than transform or to impose a style that the wine would not otherwise have had”.